Tai Chi Chuan Essential Postures Training

Tao of Surfing

Bali West Side
Bali West Side

In Bali

Tai Chi Surfing Skills Enhancement Program

Still the mind, become one with the changes in the wave

May 1-12, 2020

Bali, Indonesia

The Course: 

Five hours of daily practice, feedback and theory.

Instruction is in Russian and English

 - This program is for intermediate and advanced surfers

Includes six guided sessions:

 - Surf coaching is based on the principles of movement and body mechanics as well as the relaxation dynamics of Tai Chi Chuan. Wave motion analysis and video feedback is a key part of this program. Instruction includes fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan, meditation, and Chi Kung.

 - Two one-day field trips to visit unique historical and natural attractions of the "Island of Gods."

 Included in the course fee:
 - Accommodation at the Pondok Pitaya: Hotel, Surfing and Yoga Lalang Linggah, Balian River, Tabanan82162, Indonesia

  - Transfer from Denpassar airport on the day of arrival, and back to the airport on the day of departure; 

- Meals include breakfast and dinner (breakfast of your choice from the menu, dinner.

- Vegetarian buffets. The meals are prepared to maximize mental and physical development for surfing.

For more information contact Elena at Taichisurfingbali@gmail.com

About the instructor:

Elena Surf Coach
Elena Surf Coach

Elena Shevchuk, Surf instructor / Fitness trainer / Chi Kung coach

Certified surfing coach Levels 1 and 2, and SUP instructor ISA (International Surfing Association).

Experience in teaching surfing for more than nine years.

Co-owner of the International surfing school in Bali, Indonesia 2014-2018.

Certified master trainer in fitness and functional training FPA (Association of Fitness Professionals in Russia) since 2006.

Practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung for several years and applying its principles and benefits to her approach to surf training.

Certified Chi Kung instructor.

Keith Tai Chi / Meditation coach
Keith Tai Chi / Meditation coach

Tai Chi / Chi Kung / Meditation / Coach

Keith Good

1966 Started surfing at age 11,  Huntington Beach California.

1974 - Began studying "Tao Te Ching" and the "I-Ching" and began a novice practice of Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Chuan in San Francisco. 

1976-1979  - Studied Asian Art, History, Philosophy and Religion at Cypress College, California and also studied Meditation with Sufi Master Pure Vilayat Inayat Khan.

1994-1998 - In Hoy Nam Rin Thailand  he studied Vipassana Meditaton, Yoga, and Traditional Thai Massage with Harold Burst (Asoka Nanda). Keith received The Essential Postures of Tai Chi Chuan in 1994 from Chow Kam Ti.  


Teaching experience


Media Training and Presentation Development, Video Coach with Executive Communications of San Francisco  Major clients include Bank of America, National Semi Conductor, Intel and Investment Network of America.

1996 - Present

Instructing  Meditation - Tai Chi Chuan - Chi Kung Essential Postures courses in Chaing Mai Thailand.