Tai Chi Chuan Essential Postures Training

Intensive Meditation Tai Chi / Chi Kung Camp

Tai Chi Meditation Intensive Training Camp is conducted in a "non tourist" rural tropical setting 44 kilometers north of Phuket, Thailand.

Free from traffic, air pollution and other tourist distractions, this location is ideal for intensive meditation / Tai Chi / Chi Kung training.

Located 200 meters from the beach, the bungalows offer simple accommodation with a small fridge, electric jug and air-conditioning.

Inside the Bungalow

The rooms are clean and very basic.

Tai Chi by the Sea Training Center

The Tai Chi by the Sea Training Center is located four kilometers from the beach bungalows. Transport is provided to-and-from the bungalows.

The pool is available to students to use before and after the training sessions.

Motorbike rental available.

Early Morning Chi Kung Area

Located next to the beach, a three-minute walk from the bungalows, this area is perfect for deep breathing and other Chi Kung exercises.

Local Thai Restaurants

Food is not provided; however, there are Thai restaurants a short walk from the bungalows. You may want to bring some snack food as there are no Seven Elevens in this rural country setting.