Tai Chi / Chi Gung Intensive Health and Longevity Training

Tai Chi - Chi Gung Health and Longevity Course

In Chiang Mai Thailand

Starts the 16th of each month
10 Days 50 hours of Instruction and Feedback
The course runs 10 Days consecutively click here for
Course Dates and Times

Included in the course fee you receive a memory stick with our Training Manual on a PDF file as well as a video of the complete Essential Postures Sequence, Tai Chi / Chi Gung Videos and supportive related materials. Instruction is given in English and there are nightly reading assignments.

Bring a device that allows you to view videos and read PDF files on a USB stick.

What you will learn in this Tai Chi/Chi Gung  Health and Longevity Course

Strengthen your Immune System

  •  How to apply the fundamentals’ of Chinese Medicine to a Tai Chi practice for health and longevity.
  • The Essential Postures Tai Chi form.
  • Chi Gung Training: Five Element, Muscle Tendon Changing, Five Organ, Relaxation/Release, Eye Sight Correction.
  • A working understanding of Chi theory in mental attitude, diet and nutrition, body movement.
  • How to apply Wu Xing, the understanding of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine to balance, your energy.
  • How to prevent or reverse Chi stagnation. Understand the Body Clock of Chinese Medicine and apply in daily life.
  • The importance of daily meditation. Simple yet dynamic Sitting Meditation / Chi Kung to develop Chi in your body. How to reduce mental and physical stress.
  • How to apply changes Diet and Nutrition to balance the mind and body, how to purge heavy medal, neural toxins and carcinogens from the body and other aspects of detoxification.
  • An understanding of the Four Environments and how they interact.                        Internal Mental, External Mental, Internal Physical, External Physical.