Tai Chi Chuan Essential Postures Training

Tai Chi and Chi Kung as Meditation in Movement. Intensive training in Chiang Mai.

Learn a complete Tai Chi form in 10 Days in a focused, relaxed environment. A meaningful experience to Tai Chi as a way of life


Starts on the 1st of each month.

Learn how to guide intention through feeling.

This is how Tai Chi is defined as Meditation in Movemet

The course runs for 10 Days

50 hours Intensive: practice, feedback, theory and philosophy. Two class sessions per day.

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In our approach to learning the basics of Tai Chi as a Meditation in Movement,

Before practicing, a simple yet dynamic 15-minute “Chi Kung sitting meditation” is done to help calm the mind and relax the body. To assure quality instruction and feedback our courses are limited to six students.

To learn about Tai Chi Chuan History / Philosophy: History and Application of Tai Chi Chuan  

Practice and Theory:

The course is a continual cycle of practice, feedback and Tai Chi theory with the last few minutes of each session spent on theory

       Fee and Registration

Tai Chi / Chi Kung Health and Longevity intensive course

Starts on the 16th of each month.

The course runs for 10 days

50 hour Intensive: The Essential Postures sequence, Chi Kung and the larger Chinese medical application of Tai Chi for health maintenance. Two class sessions per day.

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Fee and Registration

10-Day Intensive Meditation Tai Chi & Chi Kung Training

50 Hours of instruction, practice, and feedback

 Learn Tai Chi as Meditation in Movement in a pollution and traffic free  "non tourist" rural tropica sea sidel setting 44 km north of Phuket Thailand.

Accommodation is provided at the Thai Muang Beach Bungalows
Located 200 meters from the beach, the bungalows offer simple, no frills accommodation.

Food is not provided; however, there are Thai restaurants a short walk from the bungalows and food can also be ordered from the resort office. You may want to bring some snack food as there are no Seven Elevens in this rural country setting.

Still the mind, become one with the changes in the wave

Learn to apply Tai Chi relaxation dynamics to Surfing

For intermediate and advanced surfers

12-Day Surfing Skills Enhancement / Tai Chi Course 

in Bali 

Bali  Pondok Pitaya: Hotel, Surfing andYoga Lalang Linggah, Balian River, Tabanan82162, Indonesia

Instruction Includes:

      Surfing Skills Development; The five Elements of Surfing;  Meditation; Chi Kung; Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan.


With Elena Shevchuk

For more information contact Elena at Taichisurfingbali@gmail.com