Tai Chi Meditation in Movement

Learn Tai Chi as meditation in movement, integrating your Mind, Body and Spirit in a sequence that you may continue to cultivate on your own.

Meditation in Movement Intensive Tai Chi Course

Starts the 1st. each month.

The course runs for 10 Days
50 hours of Instruction, Practice, Feedback, Theory and Philosophy. Two class sessions per day.
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Tai Chi Intensive Health and Longevity Course

Starts the 16th each month.

The course runs for 8 days
40 hours of instruction

Learn The Essential Postures Sequence and the larger Chinese Medical application of Tai Chi for health maintenance.
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We offer courses in The Essential Posture Sequence in the Yang style, this form is also known as the Original 13 Postures of Chang San-feng the creator of Tai Chi Chuan. 

To learn about Tai Chi Chuan History / Philosophy:
A Brief History of Tai Chi Chuan, History and Application of Tai Chi Chuan

The History of Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Qi Gongby Jo-Ann Valentine

In our approach to learning the basics of Tai Chi as a Meditation in Movement,

the student learns through clear communication, practice and one on one feedback. Before practicing, a simple yet dynamic 15 minute “Chi Kung sitting meditation” is done to help calm the mind and relax the body. As preparation to the Tai Chi sequence, instruction and feedback are also given in a basic Chi Kung set. To assure quality instruction and feedback our courses are limited to six students.

You may be in Chiang Mai for other Mind / Body training.

Mental health therapists and body work practitioners find great benefit in this training. Students learn relaxation, grounding and centering skills. 

Practice and Theory

The set teaches the student to use intention through feeling to guide the Tai Chi movements. The course is a continual cycle of practice, feedback and Tai Chi theory with the last few minutes of each session spent on theory. Our courses are conducted at the Naisuan House in a tropical rooftop garden setting in a quiet area of Chiang Mai, Thailand.