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Tai Chi Chuan Essential Postures Training

Where to stay during the Tai Chi Course

Student Room at Naisuan House
Student Room at Naisuan House


It is helpful that the student stay within walking distance to the Naisuan House.

As a Tai Chi Basic Training students need to spend the day practicing and staying focused on the training process.

Limited Convenient  "optional" on site accommodation is available at the Naisuan House. 

  The rooms are very basic with an air conditioner, overhead fan, Queen Size bed, small refrigerator, water cooler, video monitor, hot shower and toilet.

Free Wi Fi

If you would like to stay at the Naisuan House during your training please let us know before paying your registration deposit.
Cost per night 400 Baht "Not included in the course fee."

Other Accommodation

For accommodation near the Naisuan House, "walking distance."
Go to Agoda for information and Reservations.

Mid- Range Accommodation

            Sukhothai House

            Inspire House

Upper Mid Range Accommodation

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