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Tai Chi Chuan Essential Postures Training

Tai Chi training in Thailand.

This course runs for 10 days, 50 hour Intensive: 

Starts on the 1st of each month. 

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Practice and Theory:

The program is a continual cycle of practice, feedback and Tai Chi theory with the last few minutes of each session spent on theory

Before practicing, a simple yet dynamic 15-minute “Chi Kung sitting meditation” is done to help calm the mind and relax the body. 

This course runs for 10 days, 50 hour Intensive: 

Starts on the 16th of each month.

The Essential Postures sequence, Chi Kung and the larger Chinese medical application of Tai Chi for health maintenance. Two class sessions per day.


Experience a complete and profound training of the original form

Students leave Tai Chi Thailand with a higher energy level, better mental,physical and spiritual balance Our programs in Chiang Mai are conducted in a tropical rooftop garden setting in a quiet area in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. That’s where you will be for 50 hours over 10 days.In both classes you will learn the classic 13 postures of Tai Chi Chuan and at the same time gain an insight in course-specific knowledge.To learn about Tai Chi Chuan History / Philosophy: History and Application of Tai Chi Chuan.________In addition to the regular program, Tai Chi Thailand organizes a Tai Chi by the Sea Camp in Southern Thailand and the Tao of Surfing program on Bali.

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