Tai Chi Chuan /Chi Gung Essential Postures Training

Tai Chi Chuan /Chi Gung Essential Postures Training


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Student Reviews

Franko (an experienced meditation practitioner)

After a long time of intensive vipassana practice, the time has come to do some bodywork, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Keith and his comprehensive introduction course to Tai Chi.

I came in expecting to learn just some basic theory and Tai Chi moves, but went away with so much more. Keith is deeply knowledgeable, competent and highly skillful teacher, the decades of his teaching experience clearly shine through his work. It was a privilege to work with Keith and discover the foundations of Taoism, philosophy, Chi Gung, Tai Chi and so much more under his guidance.

In addition to developing a firm foundation in the Taoist philosophical, spiritual and metaphysical approach, this course offers a way of practical application of Tao in all aspects of daily life, be it health, martial or spiritual aspects of life and practice.

It is hard to find a better and more rounded introduction course to energy practices and Taoist way of life, and if you have the opportunity to do the course, I wholeheartedly recommend it. For anyone interested in personal growth, this could be one of the most useful and eye opening ten days of your life.

Thanks again and see you next year!

Dr. Jesus Munoz Sanchez, M.D. (nephrologist)

When I first considered taking this Tai Chi Chuan course I hesitated. Now I can say it was the best thing I could have done for my self. I have learned much more than I had expected, not only the purpose of the movements but also the wonderful ideas underlying the practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

Coach Keith is honest, human and skillful in communicating all the subject areas that are covered in the class. Theory, Philosophy and Martial as well as civil application. The program returned many times more value than the actual cost.

Keith helped me personally and I consider him my friend. If you would like to contact me in regards to my experience with this Tai Chi Chuan program you may write me at the following e mail address jesusmusan(at)yahoo.es.

Dr. Ashley South

Keith offers a wonderful introduction to Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Taoist philosophy, which is valuable for the beginner, and I think also for more experienced practitioners. This was my return to Tai Chi, 25 years after my previous practice as a teenager and in my early 20s. As I had hoped, the experience was immensely beneficial, and great fun.

As a result of Keith's teaching, I've been practicing regularly since the class ended, and intend to keep doing so. My sore knee and back (intermittent long-term injuries, predating the tai chi lessons) cleared up within the first few days, and the feeling of well-being and calm energy continued to grow during the class, and has since.

Although I am very far from being an expert, seems to me that the Classic 13 Posture/concept form has particular value, in containing both right side and left sides. I thoroughly enjoy doing this Tai Chi form, and look forward to it every morning when I wake up. The Chi Kung exercises are extremely beneficial, and I am particularly enjoying and deriving great benefit from the microcosmic orbit.

Keith's approach is playful, gentle and philosophical. Very relaxed, but actually quite rigorous too. An added bonus is the many books, audio recordings and videos which Keith provide his students, on a handy memory stick.

It's early days yet, but I'm increasingly certain that taking Keith's course is one of the most important and valuable decisions I've made in many years. I thoroughly recommend this course, and excellent teacher.

Harlan Busch

Keith's method and style of teaching is on a level that can only be attained by many years of practice and hands on experience working with students of all ages.

Like others who have commented, I benefited from Keith's desire to share everything he knows about the principals and foundations of Tai Chi which include in-depth glimpses into Taoism, I Ching, Chinese Medicine, Buddhism, Confucianism and how it all weaves together.
The vast collection of resources that he gives to his students including Books, Videos and Audio files which cover all of these aspects of Tai Chi in great detail are worth the price of admission alone, and to me personally was the reason I signed up for his courses.

The process he uses to teach the actual physical aspects of Tai Chi is backed up with video feedback and in depth critique sessions and he spent lots of extra time answering questions and making sure that we understood what was laid down for us. His reason for teaching Tai Chi seems motivated only by his interest in sharing what he knows, and in making sure that his students leave the end of the course with the correct and essential foundation for a life-long practice.

The added bonus of learning the essential warm up exercises and Chi Kung's that other schools charge extra for are included in his courses, as are the foundations for Sitting and Walking Meditation, practiced twice a day, along with in depth discussions on what is going on concerning these essential practices.

Keith is offering A Complete Package here, and his experience and knowledge made this and unforgettable learning experience for me. Thanks Keith and thanks to the Rooftop for being the best environment possible for learning and studying !!!  Harlan Busch

Karena Zeier

"I arrived at Naisuan House expecting a course in the fundamentals of tai chi and a fun way to exercise and stay in shape. I left with the seeds of a way of life that has helped me manage the pain and fatigue of a chronic medical condition (fibromyalgia) and face a tough year emotionally as I battled depression and faced a death in the family.

The way Keith teaches tai chi left me with an intimate understanding of not just the physical movements, but the philosophy behind tai chi. He builds the pieces like Legos, bit by bit, until it all flows and clicks together naturally.

Keith is a fantastic teacher. Tai chi has become a critical piece of managing my stress and chronic pain. On the days I fail to start with tai chi and breathing meditation, I regret it. It’s not a miracle cure, but tai chi has certainly improved my quality of life. I experience less pain and my stress evaporates when I concentrate on the feeling of how my body moves and breathes.

I cannot praise Keith’s knowledge and teaching of tai chi enough and I am now passing on what he taught to my parents, which has helped my father regain his sense of balance after a hip replacement."

Patrica Dervish

I have been doing the postures faithfully since last we met, both morning and night.  If I find myself in a quiet place in the afternoon, I do them as well.  Something amazing is happening in my body, mind, and soul and I attribute them to Tai Chi and to your healing energy. 

Thank you.   I stand in gratitude and know I will continue to embrace the practice.  My travels continue, but as soon as I reach the U.S. I intend to study the written materials with some quiet (!) and thoughtfulness.    Peace and All Good, Patricia

Scott Silverston

"I have been a diligent (some say fanatic) student of Tai Chi since 2003 when I first enrolled in an intensive 13 Essential Postures class taught by Keith Good, the founder of Tai Chi Thailand in Chiang Mai. I am truly grateful to Keith for his teachings which included an introduction to the study of classic Tai Chi literature, concise and practical instruction in meditation, and the clear directive to practice and gauge progress according to the traditional principles as outlined in the classics.

Keith instructed me to practice daily for 30 consecutive days after completion of his class to set the proper template and embed the movements in my muscle memory. I took his advice to heart and after 8 months of diligent, daily practice while traveling the globe, I returned to Chiang Mai to study further with Keith.

I spent 6 months in Chiang Mai studying from the classic Tai Chi texts; living, breathing, walking and practicing Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation for 6-10 hours a day, every day. These 6 months changed me in a profoundly positive way as a human being."

Nick O'Brien

After dipping my toes in numerous martial arts, meditation and complimentary medicines I arrived at the retreat with the best intentions of trying on a new "outfit" to ease my mind.

All my life everything has involved trying "hard", working hard and putting my well being aside while I work to attain my goals... Tai chi gave me back the basic principles of long term success in anything I set my mind(heart) to. To try "SOFTER" and relax into what has always been quietly waiting for me. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but each day I seem to get a little more relaxed and see things a little more .... um... lighter : )

On a more material note, I was really impressed with Keith's use of his experiences and background stories to bring the classical texts to life. And also the fantastic gathering of literature I have been looking for a long time.

Brit Mølgaard

Thanks again for a great Tai Chi course. I certainly don't feel that the title "introduction" does this course justice as I took away with me much more than just learning the basic movements of Tai Chi. The combination of practice, theory and especially philosophy gave me the opportunity to scratch the surface of what "Moving Meditation" truly means.

Your passion for philosophy pervades the teaching in an inspiring way. I established a daily practice that I felt confident continuing on my own. I have practiced yoga for several years and Tai Chi is now a perfect compliment to my daily practice.

Stuart Sessions

I have left with a gift of potentially enormous value as an adjunct to my daily life practice.


A red carpet to the Inner Circle

As I got to Chiang Mai I thought about Tai Chi as some kind of "soft" form of martial arts - most teachers don't guide you to more. I got on the rooftop expecting a Tai Chi workout, which might also give me some theoretical background to better understand the roots of this harmonious dance.

It turned out that my expectations were wrong: What I found was THAT and much more, it was one of the most mind blowing experiences I ever had in my life.

You can find not only some theoretical background, you can feel the whole world of Tai Chi Chuan, you can gain a deep understanding of its heart - and yours if you pay attention. Follow the string, Keith puts together to guide your steps and you can experience much more then a "Tai Chi workout", learn much more than the movements to this smooth form of a powerful "dance".

You may know, Tai Chi is all about circles - but Keith will take you to the "Inner Circle of Tai Chi" - which one seldom find somewhere else (my firm conviction). To get that much more than a general view of Tai Chi you have to know many more details.

Keith can tell and teach you!

So don't go if:

- you are not open to the unexpected - there is much more underneath the surface.

- you just want to learn the smooth movements of Tai Chi (no way to leave without knowing much more than that!)

- you are not aware that everything is changing (that may change quiet a lot for you).

Can I say more? Yes, I would go there again - and I will. So, see you there, one bright day!


Jennifer Thompson

The combination of meditation, theory, and practice made it easy to stay focused and not get bored. Also, learning a bit of theory made the application more meaningful, fresh fruit in the morning made the morning session a bit easier, martial art application was interesting as well.

The program gave me a solid foundation to continue the sequence on my own, and has provided me with a good selection of reading material for me to refer to in the future. I hope to use the practice as a form of meditation to calm the mind and also integrated mind and body with the breath.


I already feel the benefit in my breath, my energy, my state of mind. I feel ready to move on and take on the next challenge in life (or challenges). This course has helped me to shed a little more light and calm on the inner chaos I have been carrying.

Everything is most helpful, the practical Tai Chi Chuan, the meditation. the study, the reminders of what is truly important in life in general as well as my life.

Guy Pierce

My improved confidence in my movement will improve my chances with the ladies!!

Seriously, this program has given me a really solid foundation. There is nothing more valuable when starting something new. Many of the insecurities have been quenched.

And I can continue with confidence.

The most helpful of this program is: the ability to move according to a ace pattern. To string together moments gracefully.

The philosophy!! I had no idea and it has given me an interesting starting point to do some of my own research. The meditation, nobody ever really explained to me what it was for. For a tool this useful its surprising it’s such a secret.

Inger Stamp

I have a sound foundation to build on.

I have knowledge of the Tao and the fundamental, elements of the philosophy and postures of Tai Chi. All this I take away with me for me to develop as much as I want to. And the most helpful is the individual feedback practice and philosophical talk/teachings.

A gift for life if I choose it to be.

Kirk Prestwich

When I came to this course, the most important thing was to learn the posture, but now that I have finished the course, theory behind the moves and the meditations seem to have come in first, I feel and think a bit more relaxed and I hope to apply these to everyday life, starting with a one degree course change!

Klarijn Loven

I believe that I have gained strength and supplest, notable in my arms and hands, which were one of my major aims in following this course, Also the theoretical discussions about the Tao Te Ching etc. have triggered me to rethink certain issues in my life. I general I think the program have helped me to become a more balanced person, both physically and emotionally.

Bastiaan de Jonge

I think that by practicing the Tai Chi and meditation that I learned I’ll be more balanced, have a better understanding of my body and more control over my own life. The theory provided, was for a part a refreshment of things I already knew / heard before, and a part will serve as the basis for further exploration. There was a good balance between theories, meditation, Tai Chi. I was really impressed by the course; it’s by for the best thing I experienced in Thailand.

Anna Pędzieszczak - Owczarczy

I have participated in the 10 Day Tai Chi Chuan Meditation in Movement Course.

During this period I learnt how to regulate breathing, calm the mind,  practise meditation and some tai chi postures on really deep understanding and feeling level. Moreover, I have received a wide range of knowledge about Chinese culture and philosophy, about Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism with access to many sources supporting my further spiritual development.

Keith has gathered unprecedented resources of information about Eastern culture and explains it in comparison to the Western world way of thinking, personal life experiences which make his lectures very interesting and beneficial. As an instructor he leads his classes with huge enthusiasm, openness and full commitment and tries to give as much as possible to his students.   

I see a lot of possibilities for adapting Keith's learning in my private life but also at work to serve my clients in a better way. It was a very inspirational and transformative experience. The course definitely exceeded my expectations. Strongly recommended.