Tai Chi Chuan /Chi Gung Essential Postures Training

Tai Chi Chuan /Chi Gung Essential Postures Training


Tai Chi Meditation in Movement  Course

Tai Chi Meditation in Movement Comprehensive Training

In Chiang Mai Thailand

10 Days, 40 hours of instruction and feedback

The program runs 10 days consecutively.

Practice and Theory:

This is an intensive program, a continual cycle of practice, feedback and Tai Chi theory with the last few minutes of each session spent on theory

Before practicing, a simple yet dynamic 15-minute “Chi Gung Sitting Meditation” is done to help calm the mind and relax the body.

Walking meditation is practiced to help facilitate relaxation leading to the body's weight sinking thus allowing rooting or discharging of tension.

Included in the course fee You receive a memory stick with our Training Manual on a PDF file as well as a video of the complete Essential Postures Sequence, Tai Chi / Chi Gung Videos and supportive related materials. Instruction is given in English there are nightly reading assignments. 

Bring a device that allows you to view videos and read PDF files on a USB  or USBc stick.

Field trip to Doi Saket temple

Field trip to Doi Saket temple

What you will learn in this Tai Chi program:

To guide intention through feeling the cognitive mind becomes passive in the meditative state.

This is how Tai Chi is defined as Meditation in Movement or how to cultivate stillness within movement.

  •  A complete Tai Chi form as a Meditation in Movement that you can continue to practice on your own after the 10 days of instruction.

The Essential Posture Sequence in the Yang style, this form is also known as the Original 13 Postures of Chang San -feng the creator of Tai Chi Chuan.

• The Focus of the class is to learn the Tai Chi Chuan fundamentals of posture, stance and movement, "Body Mechanics" applied to the Essential Posture Sequence. The movements embody the Eight Trigram archetypes of change of the I Ching.

• Basic Chi Theory - Wu Xing Five Elements so you can develop and balance your mental / physical energy

• Chi Gung set for Tai Chi is done before practicing the Tai Chi sequence in order to get the body used to moving is ways specific for Tai Chi. Includes the Bone Marrow, Five Element and Frame Development Chi Gungs.

• A 15 minute sitting "Chi Gung meditation” is done to create a calm mind and relax the body before practicing the Sequence. This "sitting Chi Gung meditation’ helps the student get out of their head and move into the body in this way the movements are generated, corrected and understood through feeling. This exercise also gathers and develops “chi” in the body. (Click here to learn about how we teach)

• Walking Meditation for Tai Chi helps the student learn to relax and drop their weight to the feet and legs creating a more stable foundation. Walking Meditation also helps the student to slow down allowing much more control over the Tai Chi movements.

Walking Tai Chi helps the student to develop internal force by fixing the joints, drawing and releasing the tendons in the back and legs. This exercise also teaches how to move on a horizontal plane.