Tai Chi Chuan /Chi Gung Essential Postures Training

Tai Chi Chuan /Chi Gung Essential Postures Training


The Instructors

Keith Good


1967 - Keith was introduced to Kempo Karate and Chi Gung under Ed Parker in California.

1974 - Whilst in Korea, he was introduced to Taekwondo. 

1975 - Keith began studying "Tao Te Ching" and the "I-Ching" and began a novice practice of Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Chuan in San Francisco. 

1976-1979  - Studied Asian Art, History, Philosophy and Religion at Cypress College, California and also studied Meditation with Sufi Master Pure Vilayat Inayat Khan.

1994-1998 - In Hoy Nam Rin Thailand  he studied Vipassana Meditaton, Yoga, and Traditional Thai Massage with Harold Burst (Asoka Nanda). Keith received The Essential Postures of Tai Chi Chuan in 1994 from Chow Kam Ti.  

Teaching experience


Media Training and Presentation Development, Video Coach with Executive Communications of San Francisco  Major clients include Bank of America, National Semi Conductor, Intel and Investment Network of America.

1996 - Present

Instructing  Meditation - Tai Chi Chuan - Chi Gung Essential Postures courses in Chaing Mai Thailand.

Helen Shevchuk Guest Coach

Helen Shevchuk Guest Coach

I have started my path as a Surfing Coach since 2009 in Bali.
Prior to moving to Bali I worked as a fitness instructor with clients of all age and different physical abilities
My fitness and surfing background helped me to develop a customized unique training program that improves surfing skills, maximizes endurance and physical performance as well as technical capabilities

Certified surf coach Level 1 & 2 ISA (International Surfing Association ) since 2010
Certified Personal Fitness trainer since 2006
Along with fitness I study massage: classical russian and sports massage, thai massage (Northern style)
Certified as an instructor in health practices of Qigong and Tai Chi in 2018
Practitioner and adept of various systems of yoga and Buddhism;

Since 2017 I have been conducting camps and retreats in which surf training is supported by mind, body, health-improving practices along with powerefull connection with Nature.I